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SuperTab for Mac 1.1

SuperTab is a new kind of Launcher for your Mac!

SuperTab is a new kind of Launcher for your Mac!

SuperTab is a powerful new launcher for your Mac -- its twist is that it greatly extends and enhances your Mac's built-in Command-Tab App switcher. SuperTab is instantly accessible via mouse or keyboard and lets you create multiple rows of icons which you can populate with all sorts of items: Apps, Files, Folders, Recent Apps, Recent Documents, Dock Items, Folder Contents, Dropbox Contents, Web Sites and a lot more as well.

SuperTab does more than just give you instant access to items on your Mac: it can help manage your apps by auto-launching, auto-hiding and auto-quitting them as you specify. You can also assign global Hot Keys to any File, Folder or App.

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Many launchers provide access to all your apps. SuperTab differs both in that it gives you instant access to so much more than just apps - plus it lets YOU specify what you want to have access to. You can use SuperTab to easily access:

Files, Folders & Apps

Recent Apps

Recent Documents

Dock Items

Individual System Preferences

Folder Contents

Dropbox Contents

Finder Sidebar Items

Tagged or Labeled Items

App Windows

Web Sites

Multiple Clipboards and more!

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SuperTab for Mac


SuperTab for Mac 1.1

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